Do We Love Our Pets Analysis

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Do we love our pets too much? My ten year old pitbull mix was having problems with her hips. She barely got up, but when she did, she would skid on the floor. From doing so, she had scrapped off a piece of her skin on her forearm. It got infected after we would clean it and wrapping the wound, she wouldn’t stop opening it. She eventually couldn’t get up anymore. We all knew it was her time to go. According to Burkhard Bilger in his essay “The Last Meow” in the New Yorker, he explained what people would do to keep their pets or make them live longer than they should. Based upon Bilger's statement, “Clearly our love affair with our pets has gotten out of hand.” I partly agree and partly disagree that you should only go so far for your pet. How far would you go for your pet?…show more content…
In Bilger’s essay in part six, he talks about a story of a Mastiff, Tiberia and her owner. In part six, Paragraph forty in Bilger's essay, he states, “The dog was eleven years old - ancient for her breed and barely able to stand. Her eyes rimmed with red and her skin draped over her bones like an old rug. She had a grapefruit sized growth hanging from her belly and a bleeding tumor on her spleen that seemed to have spread to her liver.” He states this to show how the dogs health was. Her owner didn’t want to let go. She was a bartender at Red Rock West in Manhattan. Finally the surgeons had helped Tiberias owner with the tough decision of putting the mastiff down. Bilger had put the surgeons saying of “She said she was going to buy Taberia a plot in the Hartsdale, New York, in the country’s oldest and most prestigious pet cemetery.” When someone buries a dog there, you know they must have loved it to death” She

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