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Renewable Energy Faldu Smeet (16PGCL005) Renewable energy is energy which is generated from natural process and are continuously available. This includes sunlight, geothermal heat, wind, tides, water and biomasses. Renewable energy can be called as a green energy like as an example of sunlight, which is used for electricity, cooking purposes and it has variety of uses in industry as well as commercial. Renewable energy is money saving because it’s like one-time investment. To build stronger economy, energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy is required which fulfilled by renewable energy sources. This type of energy has high yield like lower energy cost than any other method. Natural sources of renewable energy are 1. Solar 2. Wind 3. Geothermal energy 4. Biomass 5. Ocean 6. Hydropower 1. Solar energy- Sun is the main source of solar energy. Most renewable energy comes either directly or indirectly from the sun. Using sun radiation, we use solar cooker for cooking food, solar heater for heating water naturally, using solar panels we used to store and generate electricity and variety of commercial and industrial…show more content…
Biomass Energy- Biomass energy is the use of living and recently dead biological material as an energy source. This is dependent on the capture of solar energy and convert to a carbohydrate fuel. Theoretically it is a carbon neutral and renewable source of energy. In these we use biodegradable waste like manure, crop residue, sewage, municipal solid waste, etc. Recently research is going in agricultural production of energy crops which should be of high yield and low maintenance like corn, sugarcane, switch grass, hemp, willow, palm oil, etc. Also there is a production of a liquid or gaseous biofuel which includes capture of landfill methane also bioethanol from fermentation, often from corn. Cellulosic bioethanol is usually from a grass. Carbon leaking can increase level of CO2. Sequestration in soil can result in a net decrease in CO2
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