Walmart Sustainability Case Study

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For a sustainable working, it is required that a company looks both internally as well as externally, that is, engage its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, community, and non-government organizations) to understand the impacts and business-environmental concerns. As far as internal sustainability is concerned, employees can be trained and educated to reduce negative environmental impacts through waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, etc. Formation of green teams or committees internally to work over such matters can be a powerful motivator. Companies focused on sustainability are appointing chief sustainability officers leading a department with a mandate to proactively develop and implement a corporate sustainability strategy.…show more content…
Walmart envisions a world where people don’t have to choose between energy they can afford and energy that’s good for communities and the planet. Global energy predictions indicate costs could increase twice as fast as our anticipated store and club growth. Finding cleaner and more affordable energy is vital to everyday low cost. Scaling renewable energy while accelerating energy efficiency is their vision for a more sustainable world. Walmart promotes the 3 “R’s” of sustainability – reduce, reuse and recycle. In fact, they have formulated a fourth “R” – rethink. By working with their suppliers, they’re developing product packaging solutions that aim at cutting unnecessary waste and save their customers money. These are a few recent examples: • U.K.: In 2013, their operations in the United Kingdom introduced a lighter version of its private-label Eden Falls water bottles. The new 500-milliliter and 2-liter water bottles are 6% and 13% lighter,…show more content…
Whether the generation of profits by the PSUs is accompanied by local or regional negative impacts; iii. Whether PSU operations contribute to enriching the quality of the life and address various societal issues relating to corruption, gender, culture and heritage etc; iv. Whether their operations are impacting positively or negatively on the environment and resources. An Indian PSU, Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited, made its first report on Corporate Sustainability for the Financial Year 2005-06. The report was based on the guidelines developed by Global Reporting Initiative(GRI). The report details the social and environmental contribution of its two Assam based units, Nagaon Paper Mills and Cachar Paper Mills. On the Environment dimension the Company detailed its efforts towards optimising raw material consumption, energy conservation, effective effluent treatment, and farm forestry programme. On the Social dimension, the Company detailed its efforts towards social and economic upliftment of the community by boosting literacy, providing safe drinking water, building roads and hospitals, relief efforts, employment of physically challenged persons and providing cultural

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