Essay About Waste Management

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CAPSTONE PRESENTATION (SCRIPT) All: Good Morning to all of you I. PROJECT STAFFING All: (Introducing themselves individually) II. CONCERN/ PROBLEM KOBE: The Group attained the main problem by using our survey questionnaire to know and understand Community’s issue or problem. The group identified the following issues: waste management, collection and community member’s alternative way of disposing their waste. Waste management has been their problem because some of the community members are not able to segregate their biogegrable and noin biodergabel waste. RYAN: Due to the shortages of personnel, the waste collection has been inevitable issue to the community. Another thing that poses a major problem in the community is the alternative ways of disposing waste such as incineration, piling up garbages, disposing it to another barangay, lastly the way they dispose it into "balon".…show more content…
The group wanted to help the barangay by having this compost bin not only to lessen the biodegradable waste of the community but also to help the nature. It will also help a better and a cleaner community. 2. Life on land. This is related to the product because composting provides a partial solution to an issue of great concern in many communities like the chosen barangay. All around the country, garbage incineration is becoming increasingly unpopular, and other waste disposal options are becoming harder to find. Composting provides a way not only for reducing the amount waste that needs to be disposed of but also of converting it into a product that is used for gardening, landscaping or house plants. 3. Decent work and economic growth. The project creates opportunities for good livelihoods. By using the prototype, the community will benefit from it and at the same time, they can earn money from the organic fertilizer that was
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