Regional Security Challenges Essay

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The concepts of regional and global security are used interchangeably in our society today. Regional security denotes the security of geographical area, whereas global security refers to the collective security of everyone within the planet. Security in this context implies the freedom to live a safe life inside a peaceful environment without harmful interference. Considering that every region has its own security challenge, this essay will discuss three security challenges present within Asia Pacific region and also within global community. Part one will discuss the regional and global perceptions on each of these identify security challenges. Part two of this paper will look at the responses. The primary security challenge is terrorism. Terrorism is an “criminal acts intended to cause death or serious bodily injury, or taking of hostages, with the purpose to provoke a state of terror in the general public or in a group of persons or particular persons, intimidate a population or compel a government or an international organization to do or to abstain from doing any act”[1]. Within the region,…show more content…
First with terrorism, responses at regional include regional law enforcement and national security enhancement. The Anti-Terrorism Pact signed in 2002 by Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines is a law enforcement to neutralize terrorist threats and set up measures to deal with money laundering, illegal trafficking of women and children and other transnational illicit actions[24]. At national level, individual countries also designed their own counter terrorism system. After the 2002 Bali booming, Indonesia counterterrorism strategy for instance has managed to capture hundreds of terrorist suspects were captures[25]. Moreover, bilateral and regional counter terrorism managements were also negotiated via the ASEAN Regional Forum, the Pacific Island

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