Entrepreneur Vs Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a term which is broadly used and has brought forth a wide field or research and scholastic query for a long time. According to Schaper (2005), the common terms for entrepreneurs can be described as business opportunities created and seized by people which are also willing to take the risks of the implementation of their new ideas. Entrepreneurs are thought to be individuals with an ability to have creative thinking and are able to distinguish the risk of the new business, which withdraw from the conventional business thoughts and ideas. Entrepreneurs are the individuals who implement and develops new ideas for their business which is effective in collecting the required support regarding the resources, for example, money,…show more content…
The emphasizing on the emission of greenhouse gas and increased cost of energy have set off a goods and services development which helps individuals and organizations to diminish or balance the emissions and reduce costs. For instance, it has been seen a sudden increase in selling of green household appliances, the designs of green building, carbon balance system and a variation of other technologies that helps to conserve the environment but at the same time concerns about the expenses due to inefficiency and technology which is obsolete. This could happen either in the presence or absence of government regulation (Bruekner 2010, 79). In a business sector framework, manageable technologies and entrepreneurs who can achieve the objectives of environment with supreme technologies that are favourable in the business sector can achieve sustainable development. Market advancements that drive sustainable development did not happen unintentionally. They must be made by pioneers who place them on the basis of their business activities. Individuals and organizations focus on environmental development in their business basis could be named “ecopreneurs”. These individuals and organizations think and create new goods and services, organizational mode and procedures that diminish the impacts of the environment and build personal satisfaction in life significantly. Eco-entrepreneurs extinguish the current ordinary production techniques, patterns of consumption, goods, and market and switch them into a supreme environment-based goods and services (Schaltegger 2002,

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