Richard A. Muller's Arguments Against Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear Waste: Argument The use of fossil fuels has contributed to an increase in global warming. This has made it necessary for other options of energy to be explored. One of the options that have proved to be effective is nuclear energy. This kind of energy is associated with lower emission of greenhouse gas and is renewable. Despite these advantages, the waste produced by nuclear energy has raised concerns. This waste has harmful radiation and it is difficult to store it safely. Nuclear waste is thus a highly controversial issue in the modern society. In his discussion of the problems facing future presidents, Professor Richard A. Muller of the University of California looks at the issue of nuclear and gives his views on the same. In his essay entitled Nuclear Waste, the professor of physics makes use of scientific facts and personal opinions in order to support his ideas. While some of his views are valid, others seem to be oversimplified. In this argument paper, the author agrees with some arguments and disagrees with other claims made by Muller. Muller…show more content…
210). There is no need for absolute security of more than ten thousand years. According to Muller, one of the noble goals on the same is to lower the radioactivity associated with nuclear wastes. I agree with his views. I think Muller understands well that there are other threats that are more serious than nuclear waste. If compared with such hazards, nuclear waste will probably not be at the top of the list. Therefore, paying much attention to a lesser threat is likely to make is a serious catastrophe. However, this does not mean that the government should keep a blind eye on the issue of nuclear waste. It should rather make an effort of coming up with the most effective means of reducing its

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