Barbecue Grill Case Study

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Many years ago Stephen Weber decided that instead of complaining about the inferior barbecue grills on the market he would simply make his own. He was tired of the uneven heating and open tops of the common brazier broilers of the day. In 1952 he set about creating a better option. Weber-Stephen Products was actually founded in 1893 as a custom order sheet metal shop. In 1952 Stephen was a worker and co-owner of the business. Weber went to work at the metal shop; he took a metal buoy and split it in half then created a dome-shaped lid for the device. The very first Weber Kettle Grill was born and it was an instant hit with friends and neighbors. Soon they were selling barbecues faster than he could make them. In the late 50's he created…show more content…
Weber barbecue grills have developed a diverse line of barbecue grills that will suit nearly any need or grilling taste and the manufacturing plant puts each product through rigorous testing before leaving the factory. New Weber gas barbecue grill models installed burners front-to-back to allow for easier indirect convection barbecuing. The new barbecue burner design also allows for an extra pipe burner to create higher temperatures for searing. Hidden rotisserie motors, lights, automated ignition modules and other improved grill parts have recently been added to Weber models. A few of the options you will discover with Weber Grills are stainless steel burners with a 10 year warranty, cast aluminum firebox that is impervious to weather and abuse and stainless cooking grates and flavorizer bars on premium models. Porcelain covered grates come standard on most models but the old piezo module has been replaced with an electronic ignition. New models have an extra pipe burner for adding searing temperatures and a diverse array of new colors have become available. Weber barbecue grill models come with utensil hooks, warming racks, patented flavorizer system and legendary customer

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