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A) What do you think "good" is? List some examples of goodness? There is 8 types of "good". Please read http://faculty.stust.edu.tw/~tang/Mahayana/4lessons/lesson3.htm and http://www.apace.us/healthnews/virtuebook/liaofan4lessons.htm for detail. Real goodness vs false goodness Doing things with the intention of bringing benefit to others is good (real goodness), doing things for the sake of oneself (myself) is evil (false goodness). That means, when people do kind deeds with the sole intention to benefit others, this is thought as benefiting the public, and if it's public, then it is real goodness. If people only think for themselves while doing kind acts, then that is considered private benefit, and that, is false goodness. Example: If what you do is for the sake of benefiting another, then it does not matter if you yell at or beat him, that is still considered good. If your intention is for self-benefit, then regardless of your appearance of respect and courtesy, it is…show more content…
When he retired, he go back to his hometown where he was respected by all the citizen. Once, a drunken villager went to his home and insult him. Mr. Lyu was not angered and choose to leave him by and ignoring the drunk man onslaught of insults. One year later, the same man committed a grave crime and was sentenced to death. Upon knowing this, Mr. Lyu think If he had taken him to the authorities for punishment that day when he came to insult me, perhaps his death would not have happened. A little discipline can prevented the great harm and might have saved him from certain death. He recalled he just want to be kind that time, but he unknowingly nurtured a daring and outrageous character of the drunk man. Since nothing happened from his deed of insulting a prime minister, he grew bold and went on committing bigger crimes which later brought him the death

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