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DPS near me DPS known in full as the Department of Public Safety is a department in the government of the United States of America that deals with a wide variety of activities and undertakes numerous responsibilities all of which are aimed at either maintaining or restoring public safety in the United States. The department is available in the United States both at the state government level as well as the local government level, undertaking numerous activities aimed at ensuring public safety such as emergency response, animal control, fire response services, emergency medical services , police work such as crime response and prevention, motor vehicle licensing and driver licensing, emergency communication and other services that are aimed at ensuring members of the public are safe and in case of an emergency, they work to restore public safety as fast as possible through a coordinated approach. The department of public safety helps to provide a coordinated response in case of impending danger or during emergencies, hence minimizing the number of casualties As such, the Department of Public Safety is an agency that operates as an administrator of other governmental agencies, working…show more content…
All these make it necessary to know the DPS closest to you. If you know the closest Department of Public Safety, you will know where to go when you need the various services that are offered at the DPS and furthermore, you can get their contacts so as to know the DPS to call in case of emergency or when you wish to report

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