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Interracial Relationships and the views of Society in the U.S History of Interracial Relationships It is a known fact that interracial relationships is getting quite common, and though it is now normal for us to witness couples from different races together, it was considered a “taboo” in the past. In the year 1969 in the town of Jameson, Virginia, was when Americans first brought African-slaves. The practice of slavery in America was continued until the 18th century. What changed? During the year 1783, the hold of Britain over America was over and in the year 1863, slavery was abolished, due to the fact that the Americans saw the oppression of Britain over them in a way that they oppressed the Africans. Though of course it does not mean…show more content…
A mistaken notion. One of the biggest misconceptions on interracial relationships is that, it always involves a white person with a person of colour. Interracial couples which consist of couples from different minority groups are overlooked (Nadra Kareem Nittle, 2016). Majority of us, when hearing the word interracial, automatically directs it to one of the pair being white, which is not always the case, an example would be those from Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan. Let us say, a Japanese and a Taiwanese couple, both are from different countries, race, and culture, therefore the couple is considered an interracial…show more content…
One of these struggles is that, interracial relationship is still considered a “taboo” in the United States because they are hesitant on the idea of races and culture mixing (Heather Wood, 2008). Just because these races are co-existing in one place does not necessarily mean that they are open to the idea that it is okay for people of different heritage to share each other’s culture and there is also the fact that racism is still prominent in the

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