Honda Motor Company Case Study

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1. Executive summary. In the essay, I will act as a professional speaker to prepare a pitch for Honda Motor Company to empower a brand image, also to introduce products and technology that are in development of Honda. Also, I will conduct some advices how to be a great public speaker for audiences. 2. Definitions In my opinions, at first, to have a best understanding from the essay that I will prepare, I suggest we should look at some definitions in the field of public speaking. First of all, according to a book “the art of public speaking” by Stephen E.Lucas, he defined that public speaking is the way of making your ideas public- of sharing with other people and in of influencing other people . Secondly, using the cited definition from a book “Elevator Pitch Essentials: How to Get Your Point Across in Two Minutes or Less” by Chris O'Leary, “an elevator pitch gives audiences briefly ideas about your new products, or even person you will talk about or giving solution to a particular issue, or I can be a way to started an conversation” . In my opinion, a business pitch is the way to deliver your business plan, products, and services from a company to investors and customers. It should be short, simple, and be able to create impact on audiences. 3. History of Honda…show more content…
After World War II, the economy of Japan is decreased seriously so not many people can buy their own vehicles because it was very expensive. He knew it was a big opportunity for his company so he invented a new cheap motorcycle by attaching engines to a bicycle. It was a very good idea because a product’s cost was very low and also easily attracted clients at this time with cheap price and convenient. After World War II, piston manufacturing facility of Honda was almost destroyed. Honda started to produce motorcycle and a vehicles manufacturer that many people know nowadays, was officially born in

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