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Products became part of life of human. It organizes human existence and satisfies the desires of their lives. Crilly (2004) indicated that design is the principal device to message and keep in touch the user of the product; by making use of its “semantic power of sign or signifier”(p.552) Product can be concern as a successful exchange instrument of its features, use, aesthetic values or etc… (Crilly,2004). When a character considers the interior and exterior of the product, the exterior phase: i.e. the appearance of the product is the primary signal of communication for users. Product and the user of product relationship strengths with the product appearance and its importance. Burak (2010) annotated four forms of information disclosed by…show more content…
the exterior of the product. Izzi and Caplan (1972) described most “person-product relationships (interactions)” arises with the product appearance and this appearance is the dominant section in design. Product appearance talk human and this appearance is the key of “product identity, functions and use” (p.31). The product appearance presents symbolic meanings of product. Human who used a product categorical their status and images by the product appearance. Product differentiation builds with the variety in appearance between product variations. Bloch (1995) expressed product’s form blended with quantity of design elements which blended via the design crew of the product to make a particular sensory outcomes. These elements incorporate product characteristics such as “shape, scale, tempo, propotion, materials, color, reflectivity, ornamentation and texture” (p.17). Exterior of a product is very foremost as a device of know-how communicating. As acknowledged above the information communicating by the way of apperance of a product is supports human to assess the product in its aesthetic, symbolic, functional and ergonomic explanations. In step with Creusen (2005) when two products are equal of their price and its function, it may be assumed that human perceived the product which has extra in symbolic importance between

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