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Whether we consciously notice or not, doing gender is occurring everyday within our society. Every interaction we have with another individual is doing gender. This has become a part of our every day lives the same way breathing in air without realizing it. The meaning behind this is that we do gender without much thought the same way we breathe. Candace West and Don Zimmerman coined the term doing gender in an article they composed. West and Zimmerman argued that gender is something that created by the human race. As intellectuals, we have the impulse to label and define everything we come across. In this paper, the focus of topic will be doing gender along with other attributes of doing gender. These attributes includes what pushes us to…show more content…
How are individuals doing something (gender in this case) in which they do not feel? The simple reply to this difficult question is that the understanding of doing gender is engraved in the routine of our everyday lives. Every moment we spend interacting with other social agents of society, we are doing gender. For the purpose of this essay, when using the term gender it shall be understood not as what a person is, but something that a person does when interacting with others in their society. When looking at gender from this perspective it becomes a product of social interaction. The term doing gender refers to the ideology found in the Western society and culture. This makes it a social construct found in the every day action of human interaction. Instead of focusing on how gender became entrenched in the individual, West and Zimmerman emphasized the interactional level as a place where gender becomes reinforced and summoned. The first action the authors take is by differentiating sex from the category of sex and gender. Socially sex is the agreed upon standard for being male or female, commonly based on the genitilia of the individual at birth. The category of sex is the presumed sex of the individual, regardless of the…show more content…
Pascoe's article shows that masculinity is outlined primarily through dominance and control. Additional, masculinity is recognized by high school boys through their use of the word fag. The insult of the word fag has many meanings, viewed as sexualizing and racial but the main meaning has to do with it being gendered. This article shows how the word fag is not only an identifying term linked with homosexual boys but also to heterosexual boys who are viewed to not doing gender the correct way by acting outside of their gender

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