Berjaya Case Study

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Management Functions According to the function approach, managers perform certain activities or functions as planning, organizing, leading and controlling as they efficiently and effectively coordinate the work of others. Managers of Berjaya Corporation Berhad also perform the management functions very well. Planning is a management function that involves setting goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and delevoping plans to integrate and coordinate activities. Manager will create a perfect plan aim to reach a organizational goal. Manager need to plan which policy can help to reach the goal of organization. For evidence, The Berjaya Group’s aim at consumer marketing and direct-selling business. The local property market…show more content…
Manager shouldn’t dedication to the authority, allocate the work to subordinate as well, and provide guidance to the staff. The Board is led by the Chairman and CEO and is supported by experienced Board members with a wide range of expertise who plays an important role in the stewardship of the direction and operations of the Group. They develop a corporate code of conduct to address, amongst others, any conflicts of interest relating to directors, major shareholders or management. Furthermore, the board review, evaluate, adopt and approve the strategic plans and policies for the Company and the Group. They also adopt budgets and financial results of the Company and the Group, monitor compliance with applicable accounting standards and the integrity and adequacy of financial information disclosure. Moreover, they oversee and monitor the conduct of the businesses and financial performance and major capital commitments of the Company and the Group. They establish, review and implement corporate communication policies with the shareholders and investors, other key stakeholders and the…show more content…
Manager should try to communicate and motivate their employees in the work. Manager also have to encourage their employees at the work. Manager have to try leading and solving the problems faced by their employees. The board of directors is responsible for the performance of the employees and the company. Managers have to act in professional manner, have sufficient knowledge and show in good stewardship and expertise to enable effective governance and oversight. Manager of the group apply the principles and practices of good corporate governance in all its dealings. The Company uphold the core values of integrity and enterprise as part of their fiduciary duties and responsibilities. Manager should aware of their duties and responsibilities at all times. Manager serves as a comprehensive guide for prospective or new employees to understand their roles and responsibilities and the commitment of time and contribution expected of

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