Disney Princess Effect Evaluation

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Nikki Garcia Professor Brock English 102 5 October 2015 Evaluation Essay Shimmering glitter, star-like twinkling sparkles, and dainty crowns are what every young girl is believed to have an interest in. Young girls dream about becoming a Disney Princess. They dress up as them for Halloween, have them displayed on their clothes, and have dolls of them. To parents this is just an innocent act of growing up and they don’t see a harmful image, however, the effect of pop culture on young girls is negatively attacking their development on self-image. Stephanie Hanes the writer of, “Little girls or little women? The Disney Princess effect,” argues to her audience that the Disney Princess appearance is creating a body image that is expected to have…show more content…
By doing this she is able to build a bond of trust with her audience. This is evident in the starting of her essay by telling the story of Mary Finucane and her daughter. Hanes explains how the mother noticed her daughter was no longer running, jumping and only wanted to wear dresses. Finucane found that the change in her daughters’ behavior was due to her growing an interest in the Disney Princesses (Hanes 482). Finucane story expresses Hanes credibility by showing that the problem is happening in society. To give more support of Finucane story she lets her audience know that Finucane has created her own blog, “Disney Princess Recovery: Bringing Sexy Back for a Full Refund.” Telling the audience a story of a situation that supports the authors’ claim, then giving more support to upkeep the arguments helps the audience gain trust and lets them know that she has researched her topic and is using reliable…show more content…
In “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel falls in love with a human named Eric but to be with him she must first be able to walk on land. In order for this to be done Ariel had to give up her voice, which was gifted with singing. This left her with no way to communicate with him except through her body language. The influence this has on little girls is telling them if you really love someone its okay to give up an aspect of yourself. Giving up ones voice doesn’t let the listener gather information on which an individual is on the inside, and will rely on their appearance. Ariel is never dressed ‘sloppy’ but in beautiful ball gowns with unrealistic hair that girls would love to have the flow of. This message is saying that if individuals silence themselves then they need to make everything about their appearance in order to grab someone’s

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