Stereotypes In The Movie Red

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A thirty-five year old man is enjoying lunch with his co-workers the conversation among them; retirement. Retirement is something that during the midlife years everyone thinks about. No longer having to go to work every day, getting to travel where ever whenever, or even just enjoying the little thing like watching more television or spending time with grandkids. During this time we get excited for retirement to the point some wish it upon themselves. In the movie Red we seen three different characters that are all retired, but how they react to their retirement is completely different. There is five different ways that people can see retirement; leisure retirement, third-age retirement, acceptance retirement, withdrawal, and protest retirement.…show more content…
Not only do these men show that they are trying the party like they used to when they were young but, they also show some common stereotypes that we tend to give older adults. For me an obvious stereotype in the movie was compassionate stereotyping. Compassionate stereotyping pities elders, giving them assistance with everything they attempt to do. In the Last Vegas Archie’s family shows compassionate stereotyping, he son is scolding him for holding his granddaughter saying he should not lift anything heavy and has set all of his alarms for the day so his does not forget to do anything. I really liked that they movie showed this type of stereotyping because I feel as if it something a lot of people do because they feel old age makes you incapable to do anything for yourself. By Archie sneaking away to go Las Vegas with his friends shows that elder capable of doing things for themselves. The second stereotype I seen in the movie was what is known as “Golden Agers” which is elderlies that are outgoing, sociable and well-traveled. In the movie I stereotyped Billy as this kind of adult. He was going to marry a younger woman and still acted like he was the young teen he once was. I really liked that the movie showed Billy in this way because a lot of older adults have a hard time taking on the role of an older adult and often

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