Essay On Procrastination

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A familiar maxim is, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” When the truth of those words is neglected too often, the effect on your psyche can be big. It can affect your sleep quality Procrastination can make it difficult for you to have a good sleep. You may not be able to sleep for long hours and may have to depend on drugs. Waking up during the day might become a big task. This will be caused by the fact that you’ll be stressed and restless as you’re being haunted by many unfulfilled tasks and you’ll always be under pressure to beat deadlines. It can become an obsession If you’ve become a regular procrastinator, it can degenerate into a case of chronic procrastination. That’s why those who usually avoid tasks regularly are believed to be suffering from a kind…show more content…
Serious Consequences of Procrastination By nature, we human love to avoid pain. We try to avoid things that we don’t enjoy or that could bring some pain. Let me put it to you, what do you prefer? Pain or pleasure?Boredom or enjoyment?Endurance or indulgence? I guess you ordinarily and normally would prefer the latter in these 3 examples. Procrastination usually rides on this human nature to gain the control of our lives. But this is not without negative consequences. It brings more pain When we procrastinate to avoid pain and pursue instant gratification and pleasure, we end up inflicting on ourselves more pain. As an example, if you put off payment of bills you end up being cut off from the public service. Life becomes boring rather than enjoyable without any of basic social amenities like communication or electricity services. Another one: If you postpone that crucial visit to the doctor you end up complicating your health situation and suffer more pain than pleasure in the future. It breeds
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