Diagnostic Essay: Why I Pass My English Classes

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Diagnostic Essay Throughout my whole academic experience in school, I have had many challenges the biggest one being, english classes. Every other class I had for the most part was pretty smooth but when it came to english it was just like a hurdle to good scores. Nevertheless, it was not that I didn’t like english, it was just a subject that even with my countless attempts I was just not good at. Many of my english classes of previous years have been pretty lenient courses, which in my opinion is why I passed them. I had many opportunities to redo essays, turn in extra credit along with many other things. I would have to say I have been hanging on a thread to pass my english classes. One big issues of why I believe english had been such a hurdle, is because I have a big problem with procrastination. I have a very bad tendency of leaving many of my assignments to the last minute. Writing which one of the factors in an english class isn’t something to rush upon it takes time to make a good essay. You should brainstorm, review and edit it countless times to improve it and catch the errors one might make. However, I…show more content…
It was something I liked to do mainly for the fact that I wished I could just write like many of the authors whose books I read or articles which are my favorite. I liked it because I felt good reading many of these books it was like picking through someone's brain and just pulling out their ideas, thoughts and stories all in one. Whenever we were assigned a book I would as well read it too the last minute. However, when reading it I like to look at the different word choices they had which is pretty cool. I like not knowing a word and going to the dictionary and looking it up it made me feel better to know and understand it. For the most part I could really just stick myself to a book and if I do not seem to understand it will not bother to reread till I

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