John Rampton's Procrastination Or Contemplation?

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Don’t we need food and water to live, science to understand ?and some of us interested in knowing more & more about psychology hence , behaviorism is a major that is important for everyone to know how to deal with their sore points to improve their daily life routine and thus their own tasks ,John Rampton wrote an essay about procrastination, his article was entitled “procrastination or contemplation” however, his article was just contributing the concept of “procrastination” intending to persuade the readers by his point of view without showing the other perspective attitude, to define procrastination it’s a sort of putting off imminent tasks to a later time or to do more gratifying issues than boring ones according to research by psychology professor Joseph Ferrari 80 to 95 % of College students postpone when it comes to their coursework and 20% of U.S. adults are habitual procrastinators , procrastinators are not just the same according to Alina Vrabie in the article entitled “The 5 types of procrastinators” she utterance the…show more content…
Don’t delay in the article entitled Procrastination: Is Your Future Self Getting a Bad Deal? , he illustrates procrastination as irrationality keeping your responsibilities for a later time to whom this tasks still for you to do so why to procrastinate, furthermore the author mentions a lot of successful names with no evidence that only procrastination behind their great success as Bill Clinton, Leonardo Da Vinci more and more names, The author states Partony’s words that some scientists ….. Without mentioning who are these scientists, and he addresses that procrastination help in targeting our tasks faster which is deprived from

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