Mr Follette Exile

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One evening Jack heard the noise of a zipper. Jack and Alex attend madison academy and are in the 10th grade. They have gotten a new teacher this year and his name is Mr Follette. The diabolical Mr. Follette assigns a fifteen thousand word essay and jack and his friend don”t know what to do. So they dons’t do it due to the amount of stress and procrastination all against them finishing. They walk into class as Mr. Follette can tell they haven't done their work and as he glares at them menacingly they know there will be punishment. They both talk and agree they are gonna change there act. One crisp November night they are assigned a ten thousand word essay. So then jack knows the pressure is on to not just make Mr. Follete proud but to top Alex’s paper. As jack writes his paper he slowly drifts to sleep and wakes up at six o’clock the next morning. He realizes his laptop is gone. He searches and searches but his laptop is gone and he didn't know what to do. He went to school and found his laptop in his locker. Jack is astounded as he reads but also extremely confused…show more content…
Follette’s class. The next day we assigned another paper but jack thought he would do it the class before Mr. Follette’s class so he put his computer away and went to bed. The next morning jack woke up and went to school and found his laptop in his locker before Mr. Follette’s class and then there it was his essay was done. He was now very confused but didn't want to argue the fact and turned it in for a 100. This happened for the next few months of him not doing Mr. Follette’s work and it being done in his locker when his missing work shows up in locker done and eventually began doing no work and for some reason he would go to school and it would all be there. Jack didn't want to mess with this process, but the curiosity got to him so he decided he would camp out and figure out how it was being

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