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My Dragon Four years ago, I already have goal for college, that I want to study design in my undergraduate, after undergraduate I want to become an Interior designer. During this four years, I had two or three art classes each semester, at summer I went to pre-college in School of Art institute of Chicago and another summer I went to Pratt Institute, all of this just for get ready for my portfolio to show to the art institute I will apply to. Now, I am a senior already, for me time is the most vulnerable thing right now, however procrastination stop me from go the college, procrastination is the dragon I need to defeat to get in a good Art Institute. Every senior need to deal with SAT, ESSAY, GPA, and Application to get in a college, but I also need deal with my portfolio. The long time ago, I know I have a big…show more content…
for example, If teacher gives me a project to do, its deadline not until next two week, I will start to do that project at the night before the due date. Before the senior year, procrastination is not a big problem because I did not have a lot of homework, only things I do at home is drawing or painting. Now, I have much more things to do, every class I have a lot of homework, every day I need to practice SAT, and I need to finish eight pieces painting in 16 weeks, now, all the works I saved from the past showed my procrastination can kill me. During the Junior year, all my friend start practice SAT and practice TOEFL, they tell me start practice and get ready have the SAT score so I do not have to take SAT at Senior year save time for the Application or other work for college, at that point, my procrastination tell me I will still have time

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