Short Essay On Procrastination

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Have you experienced this kind of major dilemma in finishing all your important tasks but at the end-of-the-day you start working on different unimportant things or setting up goals with a due date but rescheduling it every time your goals are not done in the right time or doing easy tasks instead of the major IMPORTANT works. To be honest, these examples that I mentioned are part of the indicators that you are procrastinating which may lead to good things or bad things. Hmmnnn.. What is Procrastination? In a nutshell, procrastination is putting off things that you should be focusing on your plans right now, this could really favor other tasks that are easy and comfortable for you that might delay your plans without any right excuses…show more content…
Faster - Makes you faster. Why? Because you have a limited time to finish your task instead of having the perception that this is difficult or tedious you are setting up a very short period to finish your one hell task. Huh..Bad Procrastination?? If you procrastinated your tasks it can really give you REAL PRESSURE that might affect your life in rushing things and providing a very LOW QUALITY of results/outputs due to limited TIME that you set. It can lower your and other's expectations with the things that you did to finish your tasks unless you are good at it in procrastinating even though you have limited time and pressured the quality of your work is high and you felt satisfied about it that a good benefits of procrastination. NOTE: Procrastination must not be use always because if you do, you make your goals/task s harder to reach and it takes a longer time for you to achieve things that you wanted to. Tweet this: #Procrastinate moderately and expect to be pressured of course.. haha!! LOL Now, how can we really overcome this procrastination and assessing ourselves if we are on the right time table for all your goals/tasks. In addition, procrastination is some how part of the system for some people. I

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