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Shanna Hebert 4th hour 8/20/18 Ocean Pollution Research Paper Ocean pollution is a major environmental disaster, that’s harming our environment and every living thing on Earth. Mankind does not even realize they are the major cause of it, even though there are many other factors that are apart of it. So many species in the ocean are becoming extinct because of things humans do every day. Oceans keep the world and us alive the least people can do is take every precaution possible to keep the oceans clean. Water is the main source of life on Earth, and 71% of the Earth’s surface is water. People always think because the ocean is so big the levels of pollution would just level out, but that hasn’t been the case (World Wildlife Fund Web). Water…show more content…
Even though water is a necessity to humans it is also killing them. Every 8 seconds a person dies from a disease caused by contaminated water. A person can contract the disease from going for a fun swim or just drinking a glass of water (Calhoun 2). If water can do this to humans, think about what it can do to animals that live in the water. Helpless is one word to describe all the animals that live in the ocean. They have no voice or power to change what is contaminating their home, so how do they know their own home is what is killing them. There are some things though that are in place to save the animals habitat. Like the Law of the Sea which are laws set by different states to protect the ocean. There are also conventions that finds better ways to solve ocean pollution like the UN Environment Programme (Heinrichs 67). Scientists have also came up with ways to keep the animals away from any kind of spill. Many marine mammals are acoustic animals meaning they communicate through sounds. So, whenever there is an oil spill or any chemical spill around a herd of whales, dolphins, or any animal that is acoustic they can fly helicopters at a certain position to make the animals hear them and they swim

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