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There are many things made up of plastics around you. Plastic plays a big role in our environment. Not only does plastic replace materials such as paper, metal, etc. But it also has new roles only it can fill. It can be used to make bottles, cans, supermarket bags, plastic bottles, etc. The word plastic itself comes from the word ‘plasticos’, which means to be shaped or molded by heat. In this essay I will talk about whether new technologies will solve the global problem of our increasing need for plastic and how science plays a role in this aspect. Plastics are polymers. Polymers are very large molecules that are made up of thousands of atoms bonded together in a repeating pattern. Its structure is easily found, just imagine a chain. The chain having many links connected together. The same ways as the atoms of Polymer are bonded together as shown in the picture here. Monomers are small unsaturated molecules produced by crude oil cracking. They have carbon to carbon double covalent bonds and different monomers are used to make different plastics. The meekest monomer to make polymer is ethene.…show more content…
During this chemical reaction, hundreds of monomers combine to form a polymer chain which is shaped at the same time. Resins are synthetic organic compounds that consist of a liquid like substance. These resins are sold to plastic factories, though usually in the form of powder. Coloring and modifying of the properties are added by the plastic manufacturer. Finally, this resin is formed into the shape of plastic equipment. Polyethylene resins are formed when you polymerize ethylene. There are many different polyethylene’s whether according to its density and molecular weight but can be made into enormous variation of plastic products. The way the polymer chains look like and how they are bonded to each other affect the properties of a certain

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