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The people who study the atmosphere are called meteorologists. They can study how cyclones move, form and cause destructions. Scientists explain that cyclones can form between 5° and 30° latitude and move westward or towards the poles. (Tropical cyclone facts) Further, they say that the winds of a normal cyclone can reach up to 240 kilometers per hour, which is quite a considerable speed for a normal cyclone. However, when considering the cyclone that is being treated in this essay, it can be said that it reached very high wind gusts. It could kill many citizens and cause destruction to the economy, a reduction in the population number and it could damage many buildings. Meteorologists can give warnings to the citizens for an upcoming cyclone so they can evacuate from that area where the cyclone is…show more content…
That is why they tropical cyclones form near the equator because there is moist air, there is hot and has moist air . Higher air pressure pushes the low pressure air. The air becomes warm and moist. When warm air continues to rise, the air swirls in its place. As the warmed air and moist air rises in the sky, the water that is formed in the air forms clouds. The whole system is based by the surface. As the storm system rotates faster and faster, an eye forms in the center.In the eye the weather is calm with very low air pressure. The high pressure air that is above comes down into the eye. For a tropical storm to form the wind gusts needs to be 39 mph (miles per hour), and for a tropical cyclone the wind gusts need to be 74 mph (miles per hour). (Nancy Leon)Larry was formed from a low pressure in the eastern Coral Sea. When Cyclone Larry occurred the rivers didn’t flood very much so the area that the cyclone hit wouldn’t be very bad like

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