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Cricket is known as one of renowned global game. Especially in South Asian Countries, it can be rated as the most popular game, even it is considered to be more famous than the game of football. Out of the 12 Test Cricketing Nations, 4 are situated in this zone, i.e. Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka & recently included Afghanistan. Apart from these four Countries, UAE perhaps has a unique status, where International Cricket matches are regularly played by Pakistan but this Country itself is not listed as Test Playing Country. Due to its increasing popularity, Cricket is more than a passion in this Region. Unlike many other sports, it is hard to practice Cricket Batting solely. You can practice Tennis, Football, Hockey and many other sports without…show more content…
Batting is all about an efficient try of hitting the ball, bowled by a bowler that it crosses the boundary so that fielders can't catch the ball. On the other hand, if it is not possible to hit the ball out of the ground, we need to block the incoming ball with our bat so that it doesn’t hit the wickets. So, practicing batting is all about achieving this particular goal. source: This needs a lot of skills; the ultimate one being the ability to hit the ball or block the ball, right in the center of a bat. To achieve this skill, you can take a tennis ball and bounce it on your bat, as many times as possible without the ball hits on the ground. Each time try to bounce the ball with the middle part of your bat. This gives you a good feeling and will be more beneficial in the actual game, whereas if you hit the ball with the middle part of your bat is the crux of your batting. Grip On The Bat First of all, you should learn how to grip the bat in your hands. We hold the handle of cricket bat using both of our hands. However, the way how to grip the handle in our hands depends on your natural instinct; either you are a left-handed person or a right-handed

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