The Killer Film Analysis

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The role of the music in the film “The Killer” is to enhance feelings of the audience: this is evident from repetition of specific music during sad scenes, from the dynamic of the music during tense scenes and from the lyrics of the songs of Jenny. The lyrical music in the film enhances our feelings about sad scenes. We can notice that, the director used one music several times for the mournful scenes. Woo used two lyrical music, one of them he used in the scenes with Jenny and Ah John. First time we hear this music in the church after shooting in the restaurant, his is suffering from the bullets in his back and at the same time, he feels sorry about Jenny. After that, the scene immediately transits with the song to Jenny in the hospital realizing that she cannot see clearly. The tragedy of the scenes and background music evoke compassion. Then we hear this music when Ah John calls to Jenny and says that he is going to take her medicines, at that moment the atmosphere where he stands close to the…show more content…
The lyrics say that the heart is wandering and waiting to find its companion, so many promises and expectations and having a hope that they will have a future. Moreover, this song also plays with repetitions in the specific scenes. When I heard it at the first time, I did not pay attention a lot to the lyrics, but since it repeats, I started to understand the lyrics and as a result, the final image of their love story appears with the lyrics of the song, which enhanced my feelings towards their love and makes me understand their feelings. In addition, the song when Li visits the restaurant where Jenny is singing, is says that she needs to pretend that she is happy. Unintentionally, I associated it with her own feelings at that moment, since she is almost blind. Therefore, it reinforced my sympathy to
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