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Not everyone is cut out to be a great nurse. It is a calling to want to truly and empathetically care for the sick, injured, mentally ill, or dying. My philosophy is to treat the patient not the disease by listening and making nonjudgmental, educational clinical decisions to help them meet their healthcare goals and needs. The goal as a nurse is to empower, educate, and support our patients to help them succeed. Nurses must learn and be able to keep their own personal beliefs out of clinical decisions related to patient care. Regardless of a patient’s wishes, political views, or religious beliefs, nurses must look past it and do what is necessary to provide consistent, thorough, respectable care. The ultimate goal is to equip the patient with the knowledge to be able to perform their own self-care successfully at home. The ANA Code of Ethics is the nurse’s version of the Bible. It provides a succinct statement of the ethical values, obligations, and duties of every individual who enters the nursing profession, it serves as the profession’s non-negotiable, ethical standard and it expresses nursing’s own understanding of its commitment to society (About The Code, 2018). ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements is the promise that nurses are doing…show more content…
There is only so much the healthcare team can teach, say, and do. The rest is up to the patient. I share many of the same ideals as Dorothea Orem. She is known for developing the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory. The Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory can be applied to help patients be more independent and prepare to be released from the health care facility where they are being cared for (Petiprin, 2016). I believe that the patients’ ability to be taught how to maintain their healthcare regimen at home is imperative to reaching their goals, not only physically but

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