Rebec The Future In The Nursing Field

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The future of a chosen career can be predictable, however it can also be assumed that every career will change in the future. Every career in some sort of way will change due to all the new innovations humans are creating. The world is full of new entrepreneurs who take the time to invent new technology, so the world can be a better place. These new inventions also seem to make the world easier and affect the workplace. In addition, Healthcare is an area that is changing. Last year there was a law implemented, “Obama Care” and targeted for all the uninsured. This new law meant that many more people were going to be required to get medical insurance. Thus, more jobs in the nursing field will be necessary. In this essay, Rebeca will explain how she thinks the future of her nursing career will require advanced education, computer literacy skills, and why the nursing field will become higher in demand.…show more content…
A registered nurse has the option of obtaining associates, bachelors, or a master’s degree. Each degree is designed to teach the applicant the necessary ethics and hands on experience required; however the more advanced degree you receive, the better chances the nurse will have in obtaining a job. She thinks that in the future many office settings and hospitals will require a bachelor’s degree. Why is this? Since the nursing field will be amongst the highest needed jobs in the future, the job field will be competitive. Obtaining a higher degree will be necessary because a person will be more knowledgeable and understand the ethics required to successfully complete their

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