Essay On Negative Influence Of Social Media

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The rise of social media and networking sites is evident, especially with sites such as Facebook and Twitter establishing themselves as household names. There were 3.2 billion people with access to the internet in 2015, of which 2.14 billion were social media users, that is over two thirds! (Furthermore, it is only social media users, which is not inclusive of social networking users) The majority of the users being in the 16-24 age category raises the concern of the impact of social media and networking on the youth, our future generation. Your article titled ‘Is social networking a negative influence?’ invoked a variety of strong feelings and concerns that I would like to share with you. As a teenager I can fully understand, and at times unfortunately experience the additional pressures and negative consequences mentioned throughout the article, which are undoubtedly caused by social networking sites. Equally its advantages must also be taken into consideration as it is almost a necessity for this modern age. Social networking allows a multitude of opportunities for communication, it can be across the world or just a few hundred metres away from home. However the quality, security and regulation of this communication is debatable and therefore I strongly agree that social networking is a negative influence on society, especially on…show more content…
I strongly agree with this as many of the photos posted on Facebook, the online “kitchen fridge” have been edited. This causes a portrayal of an “image” of ourselves that “we are clearly not”. In contrast a user may not have the intent to do so, and only edits their picture to adjust lighting and various other minor aspects. Social networking makes it very easy for an individual to get tempted and present a different, fake version of
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