Propaganda Theories: The Media Theory Of The Media

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Media theory is the communication theory which is mainly explain how the media spread the cultural knowledge or information to society. Propaganda techniques involved in the media theory which is expanding in the age of propaganda that cause media would apply the technique of propaganda that can create the data more helpful and achievable in broad communications that including online networking, electronic media, print media, communicate media and other. In any case, purposeful publicity method hypotheses on media data prompt too many people data over-burden and mind befuddled because of advocate want to rub in those propagandist strategies to spread information to the public. The usage for technique of propaganda is empower to change the idea and diverse impression of people's…show more content…
The word game’s techniques included name calling, glittering generalities, name calling its linking a person or idea to a negative symbol, for examples is names such as terrorist or insurgent carry negative connotations, leading to their prolific use. Glittering generalities mean that they using the appropriate word for the certain people. However, false connections have divided into two type that is transfer and testimonial. Transfer is a device by which the propagandist carries over the authority, sanction, and prestige of something we respect and revere to something he would have us accept. The special appeals included the plain folks, bandwagon and fear. By using the plain folk the propagandist must convince their audience; bandwagon is using the common word to telling you everyone is doing something that you need to do so; fear is that let people feel scare to the issues and his technique can be highly effective when wielded by a fascist demagogue, for example is that television is commercial the causes of the accident, the purpose is to remind people to wear their

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