Marshall Mcluh The Medium Is The Message, And Communication

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The medium is the message, a gospel from Marshall McLuhan to talking about information. This is a gospel to explain a way of people’s daily life. What Marshall McLuhan want to say form this gospel is that information itself is not the most important thing. Medium is more important and useful than information. In this essay, I will try to show what I learn and think about this gospel. The essay will have three parts, which include the introduce for Marshall McLuhan, what I think about “the medium is the message”, and some examples to show the connection between “the medium is the message” and patronage. Introduction for Marshall McLuhan Marshall McLuhan, was an original media theorist of the twentieth Century. McLuhan received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1933 at Manny Tor Ba (Manitoba) University in Canada. He received his master's degree in the same university in 1934. After that, he went to University of Cambridge to study abroad, and continued his studies in literature. In 1942, he received his doctorate degree in Cambridge. He was quite famous not only in educational circles, but also famous because of his theory: the medium is the message.…show more content…
People do not believe this theory, they hold that information itself is the most important thing, not the medium. People still do not noticed this remarkable discovery until twenty century. When Internet become popular at the beginning of this century, people start to noticed this theory, and people find out that this theory is

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