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By applying labelling theory, I agree with a small degree the statement that “Labelling theory provides accurate understandings on why social welfare in Hong Kong is said to being abused seriously”. Though this easy, I will base on the case of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) to discuss the argument of my stance. In this essay, I would like to explain by the process of labelling and also investigate how the stigma leads to deviant behaviour by using the case of CSSA. By explaining these elements, it will shows that the labelling theory can not provides a precise understand of the phenomenal. According to the process of labelling which are creation of label, application of label and reaction of label. In terms of creation of label toward CSSA recipients, these negative labels usually occur in…show more content…
For example, headline titles from apple daily “協助他人爆竊炫富鄰居偷23萬財物綜援婦囚20個月” and the headline from oncc news “被偷3千元吃喝綜援漢涉膠管衣架打10歲女”, I am doubtful that is it necessary to emphasis the criminals are CSSA recipients? Actually, the crimes activities happen not just on CSSA recipients but also happen on normal people, so it is not relevant. As the result, it appears to me that the media is framing the CSSA recipient. The creation of the label happens when the media or an organisation label CSSA recipients with a negative label that they somehow assume all CSSA recipients are more likely to commit crime. The negative label associate CSSA recipients with deviant. These terms and expressions build up negative image for CSSA recipient in the society, influence the public’s perceptive that CSSA applicants are criminals. Besides, the statement that “CSSA feeds the lazy” who claimed by Andrew Wong, the director of social welfare department, he labelled CSSA recipients as being lazy, refuse to work, violate self-reliance. All these negative labels only describe small amount of CSSA recipients, but it somehow made the mass misunderstand CSSA recipients and

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