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How to do an iMovie Green Screen on Mac/iPhone/iPad This will try to explain the meaning of green screen effect and also how it’s applied on Mac/iPhone and iPad Definition of green screen effect:  The technique of photographing or filming an actor or object to a green monochrome backdrop, and replacing the backdrop with material from a different image using a color filter.  The green monochrome backdrop used in this technique. It’s also a special effects / post-production technique for layering two images or video streams together based on color hues (chroma range). The technique has been used heavily in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video – particularly the news casting, motion picture and video game industries. A color range in the top layer is made transparent, revealing another image behind. The green effect technique is commonly used in video production and post-production. The green screen effect can be done with…show more content…
The idea is simple. If you shoot a video with a single colored backdrop (blue or green is often used) Pinnacle Studio allows you to make that color transparent - replacing it with any other video clip, graphic or still image. With green screen, it's simple to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. You can transport yourself to the moon, appear in your favorite film, or make a presentation along with all the relevant facts and figures. How to do iMovie green screen on Mac: Have you ever wanted to create stunning special effects and make a professional-looking film? Using iMovie '08 (and before) and the steps below to do just that.  You first need to make sure you have iMovie. If you don't, go to the Apple store and buy the iLife package; which consists of iPhoto, iWeb, Garage Band, and iMovie. Remember! iMovie '09 comes with tools to do

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