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In 2017 there were many good things that had happened as well as many not so great things that had happened. I made many new friends as well as got to spend time with old friends that I don't talk to as much as I used to. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends but I also fell behind on my homework causing my grades to go down quite dramatically. The decrease in my GPA caused me to become stressed but I still didn't keep up with my homework and grades. In this year of 2018 I have decided to make myself a few promises in hopes of making this year better than the year before. My New Year's resolutions were made with the intentions of making 2018 a more organized and less stressful year. The first and most important resolution I made…show more content…
I want to have better grades than I did last semester. To achieve this goal I will need to do a number of things, all of which I believe are possible for me to do. I will need to follow my first resolution of procrastinating less but I also will need to do much more than just that. I will need to start caring more about my grades than I already do. I need to make my grades a top priority for me rather than something that I don't really care for. Studying more is sure to increase my grades a lot because it will give me a better chance if I know more about the subject I will be taking a test on. Another important thing I will have to achieve in order to improve my grades is to pay better attention in class as well as actually wanting to learn instead of looking at the clock every few minutes wondering how much longer I would have to sit there. Thinking back on 2017 I remember it as a very good year for me but I want 2018 to be even better than any year before. I know that I can make this year even better than the last by following these three New Years resolutions. I am excited to meet new friends and hopefully have better grades. I want to be able to look back on this year and remember it as a year when I had good grades, a good social life, and an overall great year rather than it just be another year I am annoyed by because I was too lazy to make my year more than just another boring

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