Reflective Essay: My Literacy Writing Process

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When we got this assignment, I was originally planning on doing an essay format, and if I’m being completely honest its because the header takes up more page space. But I went to the writing center, and with my tutor’s suggestion and some more thought on the matter, I feel like the looser formatting of a letter would give me the freedom I would like to accurately communicate to you exactly what I got out of this making portfolio. I’m striving to be straightforward and introspective, and I figure you’ll appreciate the critical thinking behind the process. I chose to include an in-class writing, idea map for literary sponsors, outline, rough draft, and final copy for my literacy narrative essay. These demonstrate the chronological steps I’ve taken in…show more content…
It was very beneficial, and just by bouncing ideas off each other, my tutor helped me complete a whole outline for this assignment, so I included that. This added walls and floors to my structure. It built on and furthered the specificity of the information. I chose this because it gave me great experience with what to expect when composing a college-level essay. This outline was one of my first experiences with metacognition, outlining forced me to think about how I approach my whole thinking process, which was foreign territory to me. When I finally sat down to start drafting, my outline was extremely helpful for providing a path and helping me develop what you could call the “aesthetic” of my learning process structure. I developed how my paragraphs were organized and how my sentences were formed. I really focused on the details and evidence I provided, along with my self-assessment, rather than worrying about sticking to the high school MLA 5 paragraph essay format that I was coached into for years. I added this to my portfolio as more proof of the chronological steps I took to complete this

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