English 111 Research Paper

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English, like many other things, is needed in everyday life. You cannot go an entire day without using English in some form. That is why expanding what you know about English, using what you know, and stretching your knowledge helps you tremendously. English has always been a strong subject for me but I have always loved learning more. 10th grade English and English 111 have taught me a lot. English 111 has taught me different types of essays and has helped the maturity of my writing to increase while I have still shown a great knowledge and strong suit for both classes. Throughout my English classes, I have grown in maturity of my writing. 10th grade English was easy for me and never pushed me and challenged me to dig deeper. English 111 has taught me to use all that I have to write an essay to the best of my abilities. I have also learned that I can write eloquently and still get my point across. English 111 helped me learn to summarize and not give too much information but just what readers need. I have learned beyond my years of high school English in English 111.…show more content…
In my high school English class, all we would do for writing would be short essays, research papers, poetry, etc. In English 111, I have learned how to write a comparative analysis essay, a causal analysis essay, an argumentative essay, an annotated bibliography, and more. This class has shown me how to put a paper in an order that makes sense and will best convey my meaning to my audience. I have been pushed to use an advanced vocabulary and transitional phrases to keep my audience engaged. English 111 has definitely helped me in my writing a tremendous

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