Essay On Cyber Bullying

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INTRODUCTION Modern technology is continuing to develop by time, and lately, it has showed in an intense social issue, called Cyber bullying. Modern technology may either give positive or negative effects to those who use if often in the society. On one hand it can give us relatedness; on the other it can boost emotional stress (Mitchel, 2011). As such young internet user, along with students, may be at the sympathy of cyber bullies. The sufferer, under an extraordinary emotional stress, students can't focus on their studies, and in this way their scholastic advancement is unfavorably influenced (Juliana, 2010). Unfortunately a little consideration is given to this world wide problem by the foundations of higher learning, instructors, parents,…show more content…
Unfortunately little has been done to help those casualties who are consistently caught for the sake of modernization and digitalization (Watson, 2010). Researchers agree that unpleasant effect of bullying is rising with the fast development of technology advancement (Justin, 2011). Numerous students who are victims of cyber bullying endure quietly; they are hesitant gripe to the powers or their guardians attributable to the social shame appended to victims of bullies (Susan, 2011) In that capacity, people, teachers and institutional forces must be careful for such…show more content…
Once in a while they do it for the entertainment or when they are bored and have too much time on their hands and an excess of gadgets that are accessible to them. Numerous do it for fun or to get some attention. Some do it coincidentally, and either makes an impression on the wrong recipient or did not think before they accomplish something. The eager for power do it, too be a nightmare for others and for their self. The revenge of the nerds might begin guarding themselves from conventional having a nightmare just to find that they appreciate being the intense gentleman or

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