Josephson Junction Analysis

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I.Intrdocution In the essay “Phenomena of superconductors: Josephson Junctions”, most information comes from the published physicals books for instance Compound and Josephson High-Speed Devices and The Gale Encyclopedia of Science. Besides, there are some articles published in Scientific American. These are my primary resources. I did not employ a lot website information in the essay except a basic introduction from website of Georgia State University. Some book I used in the essay was published very long time ago. Hence, I probably would need to renew them. I have three research question that I want to answer in the essay. First, What is the mechanism of Josephson Junctions? It is a very fundamental problem that I would precisely answer…show more content…
It mainly introduces and explains the mechanism of Josephson Junction from a more micro perspectives. It talks that a single wavefunction can describe all Cooper pairs which can go though a thin insulating layer. These information provides a much more detailed information about the Josephson Junction. Hence, it is necessary and useful for me to write the essay because the mechanism of the Josephson Junctions is a important step and core of the essay. It is published in Scientific American which is magazines that mainly explain science latest discovery. Since it is a explaining page which should be objective for science essay. Of course, this page is not long enough to explain detailedly about the Josephson Junction. It is too redundant to be used in the essay although it contains a lot information about Josephson Junction. Lots of information is used in my…show more content…
It is very basic but necessary for me to start the essay since Josephson Junctions are based on the superconductors. As a result, it can be used as a indispensable introduction of my essay. These information is great and brilliant. But it is too short. Although the mechanism of superconductivity is not very important, it should be longer to explain the mechanism more detailedly. Josephson, Brian D, "The Discovery of Tunneling Supercurrents (Nobel Lecture)” December 12, 1973 The lecture introduced how the Tunneling Suerpcurrents be discovered and work. According to the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory, there is a strong positive correlation in a superconductor between two electron states of equal and opposite momentum and spin. As a result, during the idealized state, a kind of electron flow would appear and render the electrons cross though the insulating. By this theory, it can be applied as a super currents that can extremely dreamer the loss of electricity. It is one of the application of Josephson Junction, which I would analyze in my essay. But it is a lecture that is less reliable than other resources. Besides, it is a little short. I cannot get enough

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