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Cole Worden Mrs. Thompson English 101 Period 2 29 September 2015 Is Writing Education Important? After successfully completing three and a half years of high school I can say that freshmen year is the hardest year in high school. Some people might say that Junior or Senior year are the most difficult because those two years are the years teachers and family members expect students to define the path they would like to take after high school. However, I believe that freshmen year is the most difficult year to complete because it is the year of transitions from middle school to high school, having new teachers the student has never met, and it is the year that the school judges the students on if the school rank will exceed last years or fall.…show more content…
Freshmen learn fast that it takes time to write a perfect essay, that is ‘A’ worthy. High School teachers prove to freshmen fast that to get an ‘A’ in a class the students need to take extra time to write papers even sometimes days in advanced. Some people might say that they can get an ‘A’ with no effort, because they know how to write an excellent paper in minutes. However, sometimes it takes a couple bad grades for those students to realize that they can’t wait until the night before to write the paper and expect to get an ‘A’. I was one of those students that procrastinated to the last minute to type a paper for my English class. I thought that I knew everything that I needed too to get an ‘A’ on my English paper, however, when I got my first paper back I got a ‘C’. When I typed the second essay I listened to the teacher and typed it couple days in advanced so that I could get peer review and I ended up getting an ‘A’. Time management is important for freshmen to learn because it is used more than just in English class. Students of all grade levels and even teachers use time management to get assignments done on time, so that students pass exams at the end of the year, or even athletes use time management so they pass their classes so they can play in games after

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