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To most, the New Year is a time to set goals or to change your lifestyle. Some do it forever, others for a small amount of time. This New Year of 2018 I have more than one goal and I plan to complete all of them. I would like to build up my running stamina in the heat, improve my soccer skill, study harder in math, learn thai, and finally to get all ‘a’s.’ My first resolution is to build up my running stamina in the heat. I want to do this because all of my friends that live in Thailand can run longer distances in the heat than I can. In New Jersey even in the summer it isn’t as hot as it is in Thailand. I’m used to running in the cold because most of the sports I played in New Jersey are sports that are usually played in the fall when it…show more content…
I would like to do this, because I have always been behind in math and I have never been able to understand it as well as the rest of my class. When I try to do math I feel like my brain is drowning in things that must be done in order to solve an equation that I could have solved more easily without the extra steps. By studying my math, I will be able to keep up with my class, and feel better about how I perform in math, I will also be able to understand the material we are studying. Benefits of getting better at math are feeling less behind, and needing less halep in that subject. I will achieve this goal by practicing on my own time, ask for help when I don’t understand, and studying more for tests and quizzes. Resolution number four for me is to learn thai. I would like to learn Thai because my family speaks Thai and when we have lunch together over the weekends I feel left out of the conversations they have. ANother reason that I want to learn Thai is because I will be able to communicate with the people around me because I live in Thailand and the native people speak thai. When I go out into the markets with my friends or my parents, and I see something, I am unable to ask what things are because I can’t speak the

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