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“Music composed with the purpose of selling consumer goods and services make up a fair proportion of the songs, jingles, and melodies encountered by the public on a daily basis”. We are exposed to tonnes of music that is crafted with the purpose of supporting sales every single day whenever we shops in the shopping malls and hypermarkets, listen to the radio, watch television and even when we surf the Internet. (Jantzen and Graakjaer, 2009) 2.7.1 Brand Differencing According to a research done by Stewart and Furse (1986), they found out that the most important factor for building advertising recall and persuasion is to build a brand differentiating message. On top of that, purchase intent was higher with advertisements that had music in it,…show more content…
According to these scholars, music is used everywhere and it is extremely important in advertising. The two forms of music in advertisements which is jingle and background music are used in most of the mass electronic media and it actually playing the role which is to persuade the audiences, urge them to purchase or get more information about the product or brand advertised. It also differentiates brands with the competitors. Besides that, using music in mass electronic advertisements had already become a norm; people will feel weird and boring if there is advertisement that created without using any…show more content…
The brand-differentiating message was the single most important executional factor for explaining both advertisement recall and persuasion for an established product. Stout and Leckenby(1988) studied the relationship of emotional and cognitive viewer responses to specific musical variables. They found that the roles music plays in advertisements can influence information retrieved by consumers from the advertisements. Also, purchase intent was higher with advertisements that had music in it, and generally, subjects had more negative attitudes toward advertisements without

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