The Importance Of Television

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Television as an invention has clearly transformed both the professional and private lives of the citizens of the developed world. It has been a profound and played a significant role on social lives in varies ways which provide people with a plenty of different capabilities and improving some early ones from the 1940s until the 2000s. (Lule & Jack, 2016) When John Logie Baird from Scotland invented the TV in 1925, he could not have imagined how the TV has changed people’s way of life or where it would be now (Burns, 2000). Today, television can be found in more than 1.6 billion homes across the world and without doubt, it is one of the most crucial inventions of the 20th century. (Lule & Jack, 2016). Television plays an essential role in…show more content…
During the 20th century, it becomes the essential part in people leisure life for both children and adults (Rentfrow, Goldberg, and Zilca 2011). Jeremy Dickson Paxman, who was Director General of the BBC, said that “The function of television seems to be perfectly simple, Lord Reith was a dour old codger, but that original contribution of enhancing, educating and entertaining will be effective today as ever it was”. Subsequently, TV is considered as a significant source of entertainment for several viewers television programs such as movies, news, commercials, cartoon, and documentaries, etc. For instance, in 1956 TV was inserted to Australians, and three years later it has cemented itself as one of the most critical entertainment tools, which changed the way of leisure time for them, Australians began preferring to stay at home rather than going to the cinema or other events. Also, in the United States, people spend considerable amounts of time on watching TV and movies by 38 hours per week, 8 hours reading books, and 18 hours listening to radio and music (Renfrew 2012). However, according to Harvard School of Public Health, one of the significant causes of type 2 diabetes and obesity is spending a long time watching TV. In addition, aggressive behavior later on for some children may be caused by early exposure to TV violence. (H. JONASSEN, 2004). To sum up, TV has become the main source of indoor entertainment which people spend the majority of their leisure time watching

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