Native Americans Racialization

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Ever since the Anglos arrived in America they have been racializing the groups of indigenous people who owned the land before them. Every group that they have encountered the Anglos believed that they were superior and more dominant. The Anglos wanted to spread their ideas and beliefs upon anyone who had a different idea or way of living. They believed that their way was the best and only way of life. The Anglos who came from Britain to America was the group of individuals who instigated the racialization on other groups of people who were different from them. They first racialized the Native Indians. They also racialized many other ethnic groups such as Africans, Mexicans, Irish, and Asians. They treated these ethnic groups inferior based…show more content…
Andrew Jackson was a big believer in Indian removal and taking over all the land that the Indians inhibited. The US used fake treaties which were really threats of war to the Indians to acquire their land. The Indians were forced out of their land by the US military and they headed westward to find new home. Many Indians on the journey to find new land had died due to the conditions and this severely impacted Indian tribe’s population. The Trail of Tears is a perfect example of the Americans racializing and forcing the Indians out of their land. Thousands of Indians died impacting them as a society. The Anglos saw the Indians as savages because they did not use all of their land how the Anglos wanted. And also, the Indians were not modernized as a society and had their own traditions foreign to the…show more content…
The Mexicans who inhibited the areas of Texas all the way west to California were forcefully removed by US militias. After the Mexican-American war, the US acquired about half of all of all the land that Mexico used to owned. The remaining Mexicans living in US territory were disenfranchised and not provided citizenship. This made the Mexicans feel as if they were not apart of society since they were treated poorly and differently. They were also taken advantage of when it came to getting jobs and when it came to getting paid for work they did such as build railroads. Even when it came to mining the Mexicans were taxed to mine minerals and materials in mines that they founded and they even taught the whites their methods of mining. The US also saw the Mexicans as savages just as how they saw the Indians. The unfair treatment led the Mexicans to form a union with the Japanese. This forced employers to pay them high wages to ensure they would not continue or go on strike again. The lives of Mexicans in Texas and California were forever change as soon as the US came in and started enforcing their laws and rules. The Mexicans have been disenfranchised by the white ever since they arrived in their land. In conclusion, the Anglos have dominated, racialized, and disenfranchised many other races and groups of people due to the fact that they are different and that they do not follow Anglo Saxon

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