Comparison Of Gorillaz: Superfast Jellyfish And Rhinestone Eyes

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Gorillaz: Superfast Jellyfish and Rhinestone Eyes Ahmad Anouti American University of Beirut English 204, Section 30 Dr. Najjar March, 10, 2015 Abstract The following essay discusses two unique songs by the Gorillaz which are Superfast Jellyfish, and Rhinestone Eyes. The essay will discuss and make a deep analysis of the both song’s lyrics, videos, rhythm and beat and music. It will end with a synthesis of both songs analyzing their similarities and differences. Gorillaz are a famous band known for their wide diversity and unique style. Gorillaz were established in 1998 as a side projection with the cooperation of Jamie, Singer Damon Albarn, and producer Dan Nakamura (Hochman 2002). In a mere three years they became…show more content…
The song features Guff Rhys and De La Soul. The song is mainly discussing how consumers have been hooked into large fast food market chains that have been poisoning both their brain and body. The song begins with a very upbeat rhythm and beat, the singer begins by saying: “This morning you’ve got time for a hot, home cooked breakfast! Delicious and piping hot in only 3 microwave minutes. Are you kidding?” “Superfast Jellyfish” (Lyrics, 2010). These lyrics begin the song by indicating that people have become brainwashed by companies that sell them supposedly quick and easy food to make. This food can be done quickly and still be fresh, hot, and good to eat. The music with these lyrics sound similar to old fast food advertisement that begin with a quick beat and tempo and very joyful music, as if the sing was a commercial itself advertising this so called food. The lyrics that then follow: “ Yo, pretty packages of frosted delights. Look, it comes with toys. I like that. I want a number 4, number 6, and throw in a plastic doughnut. Just enjoy the gritty crunchy, it tastes just like chicken.” “Superfast Jellyfish” (Lyrics, 2010). These lyrics at first show that this so called breakfast comes in a set package and is made to be frozen so it can be heated anytime and eaten. Then this same breakfast comes with a toy that pulls in kids and adults alike as a sort of entertainment with these…show more content…
Same time every day, same routine. Clear target in summer when skies are blue.” “Rhinestone eyes” (Lyrics, 2010). The helicopters are symbolism for those who work in the industrial factories, who have created for themselves a scheduled life that destroys them and the environment. Every day they attack nature destroying it and leaving nothing behind. These industrialist targets are out there and they consist both the gullible consumer, and earth’s frail nature. The most striking sentence that indicated a lot about the meaning is: “Nature’s corrupted in factories far away.” “Rhinestone eyes” (Lyrics, 2010). This line clearly shows how the song means to say that nature is being destroyed, polluted, and eradicated, and due to this nature has become a rare thing in society people aren’t use to, while the sounds of factories has become normal and part of very day

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