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Music has inspired and touched the lives of many aspiring hip hop artists which makes it one of the most influential characters in American culture. Hip hop has become one of the most vital, and profitable, forces in popular culture. Rap music is an international art form and is regularly heard in advertising including radio and television. Hip hop beats have influenced popular music genres from rock to jazz to reggae. The fashions, styles, and attitude of hip hop have been adopted by America’s commercial culture industries and by youths from all cultural backgrounds. I predict that hip hop music is here to stay because that's the only way hip hop artist can convey their story without being arrested. Hip hop is here to stay because,…show more content…
It start like this “I’m saying when the s--t gets that crazy, you've just got to get the f--k out of town. I got stopped a while back for playing my system too loud, 'cause I was a black guy riding through a white neighborhood in a jeep." Is a great example of the post Ferguson influence on hip hop. During that time, their album sold out successful in record number. Artist like Kanye West has been an icon in American hip hop culture for over a decade. His music, fashion line, producing skills, and flamboyant personality has influenced many people for generations to come. Kanye West have adopted a role similar to the civil rights movements I like Kanye’s song untitled New Slaves “My momma was raised in an era when, clean water was only served to the fairer skin. Doing clothes you would have thought I had help. But they wasn't satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself. You see its broke nigga racism.” I think that shows some expression of hope among black…show more content…
Some artists have done a good job of challenging authorities on some issue in the past. Though more need to be done for a real change to being. People of color have been the targets of racial discrimination, and oppression since slavery. Although slavery was abolished years ago the traumatic effects of this injustice is present in today’s society. Which black people are facing in their daily life weather in school or at work. I like the way Toure put it in his essay, The Hip Hop Nation. Whose Is It? In the End, Black men Must Lead he said "As long as upper-class white men stay in charge of the United States Senate, urban black men will remain our leading speakers." (Toure 103). This is one of the most powerful sentences in the article and pretty much sums up the article as a whole. Toure's main argument is that as far as we can see, black men will continue to dominate the hip-hop nation as we know

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