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I am applying to pursue my Master of Applied Science (M. A. Sc.) in Electrical Engineering. My areas of interest are power systems, sensors and digital systems. My career goal is to pursue my career as a researcher, either as a teaching faculty or in an R & D department of an industry. With the enthusiasm and the predilection to science, I started my bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In my childhood, my father used to help me to study mathematics and science, the way he used to explain the scientific terms of my textbooks, enthralled me, created an inclination to do something by myself. How by using brain, logic, mathematics and creativity an ordinary person creates those technologies and science and brings our life…show more content…
Moreover, in a third world country Bangladesh, where the job and research opportunities for female electrical and electronic engineers are still limited, it is difficult to make a career as an electrical engineer. Besides, the limited research and job sectors of electrical engineering in Bangladesh make it more difficult not only for a female but also for every engineer to continue his/her career in their desired field. However, with the family support and the strong predilection towards technology, I decided not to change my career path and to continue my study in the field of engineering. Moreover, being a member of IEEE Women in Engineering I have come to know about the worldwide contribution of women in engineering. The inspiring speeches and motivational seminars inspired me not only to pursue my dream but also to work hard to become a successful engineer and researcher in this field. The worldwide female engineers motivate me to use my brain and knowledge for the wellbeing of my country, moreover of the world. With the dream to bring new opportunities for my country and to give something new and innovative to my country and the world to make them one more step advanced, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a successful engineer and

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