How Does Rap Music Affect Teens

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Have you noticed the teenagers today? For the past few years, hip hop and rap have had a huge influence on youth culture. It affects how they dress, talk, and the start of premature use of drugs/alcohol. Does the type of music they listen to like rap or hip hop have any effect on these? We teens today are growing up and living in a society where media and music has a great impact on our lives. All you hear today on the radio is songs talking about the 3 major influence on teens,for example, drugs, sex, and violence. This is a serious problem today, because it can not only affect today's horrible generation but the younger generations in the future. I hope this essay can open your eyes and realize what type of world of music and generation were living in from a teenagers perspective.…show more content…
Over 35 years, this music genre has a had a enormous popularity. It has continued to succeed across North America and is now currently a “$5 billion a year music industry” (Billboard). Some people could convey that, “some males who listen to rap and hip hop music will tend to wear baggy jeans called sagging, oversized t-shirts, and graphical hats” (Thao). This music category can change people, but does it change every teen who listens to it? “ hip-hop and rap will not turn your child into a juvenile delinquent. In fact, hip hop music may have some positive behavioral effects, too” (Selke). Yes, hip hop hop and rap lyrics has had a negative impact on the youth and can also alter the way a teen

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