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Standing up for yourself or someone else is a very drastic step to take. When you stand up for something you believe in you risk someone disagreeing, sometimes this risk persuades people to never stand up for anything they believe in. Luckily for me, this wasn’t the case. Ever since I can remember, my family had never been very religious or prejudice. This was something that shaped me into being very accepting and open-minded when it came to almost any subject that wasn’t extremely outlandish or clashed with my own personal beliefs. So all through grade school I had never really had to answer the more political questions like, “Do you believe in God?” because everyone had always been too caught up with just being a kid. When I entered seventh grade I was now finally in high school, this is because at my school there is no junior high or middle school. So all grades seventh through twelfth were together and usually were amongst each other daily, this is when it first started becoming evident that not a lot of people really thought the same way I did. But it never really came up until I really started talking to people older than me, oddly some of my very close friends in which I talked to regularly were in the tenth grade.…show more content…
But I realized that they also really didn’t care if they offended anybody which seemed odd to me. You know in grade school you’re taught you need to be cautious of everyone’s feelings and how they may take things and that if you think somebody may disagree with you it’s just best to keep it to yourself. In high school, with the upperclassmen, they really didn’t care. It didn’t matter if it was a racist, homophobic, or transphobic, comment. They still thought that it would be best to let everyone know what they were thinking at that exact moment, offensive or

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